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new approaches to complex challenges

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Organizations are in constant need of improvement. Solutions to problems are not always obvious and have underlying issues connected to them. We offer approaches that are systemic and have lasting impact.

Our services include

  • Coaching managers and professionals to embrace systemic approaches to help solve persistent problems at the individual, organizational and societal levels
  • Creating new strategies for transforming current organizations and policies
  • Developing practical tools and insights using complexity approaches

Our methods to solve complex challenges include

  • Changing the playing field
  • Simplifying the rules of the game
  • Creating new directions collectively
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Wicked World offers insights, illustrations and practical guidelines for managers and policymakers to deal with the rapidly changing world.

About us

Karel van Berkel and Anu Manickam have been working for 30 years, developing, applying and shaping insights to deal with complex challenges and systems innovation.

Karel van Berkel
Anu Manickam


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